You May have been wondering…

foot-treeWhat my office is like.

My office is comfortable with soft lighting, music playing, a water fountain and a heated table.

How do I need to dress for a session?

Wear comfortable clothes. You will just remove your shoes and socks.

Will reflexology be painful?

No reflexology is not painful. It might feel tender at times but that would mean there is congestion in that part of your body. I only use my hands with alternating pressure on the reflex points on your feet. In fact it is so relaxing that most clients fall asleep.

Does reflexology tickle?

No the pressure is firmer than that. Clients that thought they would not be able to tolerate someone working on their feet were pleasantly surprised.

Does insurance cover this therapy?

I sure wish it did! Hopefully one day.

Can reflexology make a condition worse?

No as it brings balance to the body.

reflexology-southern-nhDoes reflexology cure a condition?

Reflexologists cannot promise to cure any condition. We can tell you what clients have reported back and I tell clients to try reflexology then decide.

Is reflexology massage?

No. Reflexology only uses thumbs and fingers, it is applied to the feet, improves the function of organs and glands, and all systems of the body. It is total body relaxation leading to the balancing of all internal and external body systems and improving circulation via stimulation to the nervous and energy systems.

When is reflexology contraindicated?

When you have had recent foot surgery, open wounds, contagious foot diseases, first trimester of pregnancy, and after an organ transplant until physician permits.

How often should I come for a session?

I advise to come every week for 6 weeks then see if you want to continue that schedule or can you extend it to every two weeks. This is definitely not a one time fix.